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TAG Oil Announces Share Buyback in Light of Retreating Oil Prices

TAG Oil (TSX:TAO, OTCQX:TAOIF) announced that it intends to purchase 5,885,051 of the company's common shares as the share price is currently being hampered by low oil prices. Over the past 12 months TAG has purchased and cancelled 1,977,200 of its common shares at an average weighted purchase price of CDN $2.10 per common share.

Junex Hits Oil in Galt Number 4 Well

Junex Inc. (TSXV:JNX) announced that it had struck oil on its Galt Number 4 horizontal well on the Foragaz No. 4 drilling rig. Having finished drilling on November 20, this is the first horizontal oil exploration well ever drilled by industry in Quebec.

Super Nova Petroleum Announces New Director

Super Nova Petroleum (CSE:SNP) announced that Rita Tung had resigned as a director of the company and Dieter Benz had been appointed in her place as an independent director. Since 1985, Benz has started two companies which he provides consulting services for the high technology and software development industry.