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The top oil companies of 2012 range widely in geographic location.

Keith Schaefer Names the Last-Standing Shale Plays

Shale oil has been North America's great experiment, says Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin Editor Keith Schaefer. But in this interview with The Energy Report, he questions the experiment's success and predicts steep declines ahead, with just a few formations left to supply the market. The question is what shale play will last the longest? Read on to find out how—and when—to get positioned for the end of the shale revolution.

Shell Revises Alaskan Drilling Program After Testing Damages Equipment

Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE:RDS.A) announced an update on its offshore Alaska oil and gas drilling program, commenting that it has a variety of oil spill response equipment in position. However, the containment dome on one of its barges was damaged during testing and now needs to be repaired; as a result the company has decided not to drill into hydrocarbon zones this year.

Oil Exploration in West Africa

The West African offshore oil and gas industry has a history of exploration of more than 50 years, with international majors and smaller firms having held, and relinquished, licences all along the coast since the British discovered oil in the Niger Delta in the late 1950s.

Offshore Oil Drilling May Continue to Face Impediments

Prior to the Gulf of Mexico oil leak in April, U.S. regulators approved about a dozen permits a month to drill in the shallow waters off the Gulf. Following the spill, a considerably more cautious approach has barely allowed one a month, despite the six-month moratorium only affecting wells in much deeper waters.