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Byron King: Forget OPEC. North American Energy Plays Bring Profits Home

Looking for profits in the oil and natural gas space? Look no further than shale plays, energy service companies and offshore oil drilling opportunities in the U.S., says Byron King of Agora Financial LLC. In this interview with The Energy Report, King discusses how dwindling exports to the U.S. from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are shifting the supply and demand equation across the world. King also names companies in the service space with solid prospects for investors.

Increasing Oil Production Pressures

International Energy Agency last week indicated that “three digit oil prices risk damaging” the economic recovery, offering a message that OPEC should raise output; however, OPEC responded the same day by saying that global supplies are sufficient to meet demand.

Exxon, Statoil stepping up efforts in Ireland

Exxon Mobil and StatoilHydro of Norway are stepping up exloration efforts in Ireland as it gets harder to access new fields elsewhere. Andrew Harwood, an energy analyst at Wood Mackenzie, said: The majors are looking for new places to explore and the favorable tax rate in Ireland. For full news, click here