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INN VIDEO: Keith Schaefer on High-risk Junior Oil and Gas Plays

At PDAC 2013, Keith Schaefer, editor and publisher of Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin, spoke with INN Editor Vivien Diniz about why junior oil and gas explorers are being pushed into frontier regions, why condensate is important and why oil prices are going to drop this year.

Company News

Woodside and BP to Explore Scotian Basin

Oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum Ltd. (ASX:WPL) and BP plc (LSE:BP) have entered into an agreement over a farm-in offshore the Scotian Basin, in Canada.

Quattro Exploration Sells Minor Interests for Net Gain of $417,000

Quattro Exploration (TSX-V:QXP) has sold 38 barrels of oil equivalent per day recording a net gain of $417,000. Subsequent to the negotiation of these divestitures the Company replaced the production sold through an additional acquisition in the Donalda region of Alberta.

Americas Petrogas Completes First Well at Medanito Sur

Americas Petrogas Inc. (TSXV:BOE) has completed the first well (ECE.a-5) of its four-well drilling program on Medanito Sur. The second well (EJ.a-18) and the third well (ECE.a-33) are in the process of being completed.

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Company Videos

INN Video: Chris Cooper of Aroway Energy Inc.

Aroway Energy (TSXV:ARW,OTCQX:ARWJF) President & CEO Chris Cooper spoke with Resource Investing News about its unique position in the oil and gas space.

Market News

US Dependency on Oil on the Decline

Bloomberg published an impressive interactive timeline that illustrates the United States' decreasing dependence on oil. It covers the years from 2010 to 2014.

Brent Crude Down More than Nine Percent This Week

Brent crude oil is slipping towards $62 a barrel, unseen since July 2009, and is down more than nine percent this week. Since it peaked in June, it's fallen 45 percent.

Growing Concern that Commodity Benchmarks Could be Open to Manipulation

It isn't just precious metals prices being manipulated anymore. According to a report by UK law firm Clyde & Co., 64 of 170 commodity market participants believed that price benchmarks for commodities such as crude oil and zinc could also be vulnerable to manipulation, Bloomberg reported.

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